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Our DSA Fleet registered instructors deliver employee Driver Risk Assessment reducing risks to your employees and vehicles and reducing costs.

Why do drivers have accidents?

  • Tiredness 

  • Inappropriate speed 

  • Poor driving techniques 

  • Lack of planning and anticipation 

  • Taking risks 

  • Lack of driving experience 

  • What is the purpose of Driver training? 

  • To reduce the risk of driving related accidents 

  • To reduce driver related stress 

  • To reduce absenteeism from work due to accident or stress related illness 

  • To reduce vehicle repair costs 

  • To reduce vehicle insurance claims 

  • To improve productivity and efficiency 

  • To reduce your culpability under the Corporate Manslaughter Act 

Refresher lessons

If you haven't driven for some time, it can be a daunting prospect getting back on the road. Top Gear can help with a course designed to build up and regain your confidence in practical day to day driving.

It might be that you want to do just one of the Pass Plus elements such as Motorway driving, or another area of driving you have a concern about. A course or lesson can be tailored to your individual requirements.



Taxi Driver Training 

Our taxi training course enables you to become a licensed taxi driver .

Nowadays in most areas of the country, it is a requirement by the local authorities for taxi drivers to pass a driving test conducted by Driving Standards Agency Examiners.
This test must be passed by all individuals wishing to work in the taxi / private hire industry.
At Top Gear Force we can prepare you for the test with a series of driving lessons aimed towards to goal of becoming a licensed taxi driver. 

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